Here is a little update for our Titan families:

Titan summer practices begin:

Well hockey season as begun in Titan land. If you are a Jr. Titan youth player our program has begun. We are 2 weeks into the summer on-ice practices and the staff and I have been very impressed with the turn out and the hard work being done by all players. Here is the message I sent to all coaches

“Coaches, the New Jersey Jr. Titans will start their youth practices this week. All staff is expected to attend as many of the on ice practice sessions they can. Packages were handed out at the last meeting including summer practice schedule, camp schedule, rosters.  We also discussed the fall practice/game schedule; remember all managers have to be approved by me.

To prepare for the season each youth Titan player has the benefit of ice time for them starting with 7hrs of skill sessions, plus their days of camp in July and august (6-8hrs)  then the twice a week  practices starting week of August 11. (Their camps are 3 days this year because we will also have a Titan only Robby Glanz camp in October which is included in the tuition.) Our players will have a total 22-25 hrs of ice while most clubs have few or no summer hrs.   We have plenty of ice time to improve them.  All coaches need to push all players to work their hardest. All coaches need to get involved with each and every player when they’re making mistakes. There should be a lot of coaching going on as the player/ coach ratios should be great. That enables all coaches to be involved.  Our Titan players should be conditioned and skilled enough for every team to start to implement the system by end of summer.  We will be ready to discuss the offensive and defensive systems at our next meeting; it is going to be focused on coaching.

All coaches should be encouraging their players to get involved with Maximum Performance dry land training  program run by John Sabo. It is a great program and John does great job with the players!!!  They have all received John’s program letter.

Summer sessions  on ice agenda  –we will only work on skills, skills, skills, 3 groups  3 zone breakdown.

One end blue line in– 2 nets   shots— slap, snap, backhands, one timers,   be creative add passing, goalies move 2-0,  tip ins, deflections,  one timers,   backhands

middle zone puck control zone– small area protection ,move skating with puck –passing all types

other end zone blue line in— skating—power skating— quick starts,  inside/outside edge control,  turns, stops  strides forward backwards etc.

Coaches    every group will get 15/17 minutes  then rotate groups
coaches each week you should rotate ends as well   weekly you have 10/12 minute warm up /power skating skating/ strength development.”

George Haviland
Director of Hockey Operations
New Jersey Jr. Titans