This is a summary of the Titan Midget program from our 10th anniversary brochure. Read about other levels and more by visiting and clubs force a tough decision on their players as they leave Bantams and enter Midgets: play club travel hockey or High School hockey, but not both. This ends the club careers of many players.

Remember, the Titans are different and want you to be with us through H.S., and help to place you into a great college program. A number of Titan coaches also coach H.S. teams, and we understand the desire many have to wear their school colors on the ice. The quality of H.S. hockey continues to improve in the area and we are supportive of our local schools.

For this reason, we offer two choices for our Midget players: Short Season or Full Season. The Short Season teams, available at T1 and T2 play a front-loaded schedule, giving teams a busy fall with enough games to qualify for playoffs, but ending the regular season by December 1, before the major commitments of the H.S. season. Players are free to commit 100% of their effort to their school team, and are in prime physical condition.

The Full Season Midget program is just that; a full league schedule, September to February, including multiple tournaments, showcases and exhibitions with top New England Prep Schools. The time commitment here is significant, but the level of competition at T1 Midget is unsurpassed by all but a few hockey oriented prep schools. It truly is your choice as to which option you select. Players in both categories are tracked by our junior coaches, as our Midgets are our prime source of Junior players.

The Tier 1 AAA U18 full season team is a “slow down team” which means we will still front load league games. After High School starts the team will reduce their commitment to 1 practice a week and maybe 1 game a weekend.
The Tier 1 AAA U16 National team will follow the same pattern as the u18

The Tier 1 AAA U16 American team is a full blown short season that means they will shut down /stop on Dec. 1.

T2 is all short season. The choice is yours. We only ask that you make this choice before tryouts, so that we can evaluate you with other players in the same category.