Andrew (Titan PeeWee A Black) was very unlucky Saturday.  His broken femur is not a common hockey injury.  That is where the bad luck ended.  We were blessed  from the minute the accident happened.  The Blizzard parents went out of their way to get us emergency help and to console Andrew’s mom.  The Titan coaches came to the emergency room, as did a few of his team mates.  Then, when we were transferred by ambulance from Hackettstown, it was to one of the best Children’s Trauma Centers around.  At Morristown, our surgeon (which we needed around 11PM Saturday), happened to be a pediatric orthopedic specialist with a sports medicine practice.  Given the late hour, we were very lucky to get her.  She performed a newer type of surgery that while very painful for a while, will not impact his growth, and should allow for a full recovery.

The children’s hospital was great for kids, with lots of distractions like video games and movies for sick children, but these did not really lift his spirits.  Then, just as he was feeling pretty miserable this morning, we were told some guests were coming to the hospital.  Much to Andrew’s amazement, Devils Zach Parise #9, Travis Zajac #19, and John Madden #11 were coming to the hospital to visit with the sick kids after practice.  Since he broke his leg playing hockey, they had lots to talk about.  The players gave him a signed jersey, some other autograph items and signed his Titan Jersey.  For a half hour he had no pain and a smile on his face.  Now he is home.  We have gotten so many calls, e-mails and well wishes, we are very grateful to our whole Titan family.  Andrew will need a few weeks to be able to leave the house, but after that he hopes to see all of his friends at the rink. 

 Andrew and the boys have some fun