Coach Sal Spinale often is direct and open with his views on how his teams play.  When he offers high praise, its a sure sign that it was earned through hard work.  After a less than stellar outing, he singled out one PeeWee for mention.  Winning a game is not the way to measure individual growth and development.  In his message to the troops :

“You are all young enough to improve but are you all willing? For those of you who are interested in knowing what I think a good game looks like, Matt “Brose” Ambrose had a brilliant game on Sunday night. He played the entire game on “D”, he generated some offensive opportunities with intelligent rushes, he made great decisions all night,  he fared very well in the “house”, his body play was superb, his one-on-one confrontations were more than adequate and he played the entire game (score not withstanding) with an edge. Great game Brose, keep up the good work!”