Cathy Weidmann  Reports on Coach Gibby’s Bantams:

After coming away with a win against the NJ Kings Dec. 1st, the Jr. Titan Bantam A Black team was hungry for some more wins. They faced the Penguins last Saturday night at WSA.  In their last matchup in Dunellen, the Titans suffered an unfortunate loss of Devin Corso to an leg injury.  The Titans came out strong and proved that nothing would slow them down with a goal by Charlie Morton on a nice pass from Billy Regan at 10:45 of the 1st.  With Thomas Wiedmann in net, the Penguins answered back quickly with a goal to even things up at 1-1.  At 7:04, the Penguins needed to make a goalie switch due to a possible shoulder injury to the netminder who started.  Timmy Behan took a holding penalty which gave the Penguins an advantage of a power play and score with 3:08 left and end the 1st at 2-1.

At the start of the 2nd, Conrad Quinn took a penalty and again, the Penguins took advantage of another power play to sneak one in at the right side post for a 3-1 lead.  In what soon became a very physical game, Wiedmann certainly didn’t get rattled and fought off 11 incredible shots at him to end their scoring chances in the 2nd.  Nice work again by Regan and Morton at 5:01 gave the Titans another goal credited to Regan.  With the Titans not giving up physically, a penalty to Pat Bruno for cross-checking had Jonathan Weinstein working hard on defense to help clear the pucks up ice.  With 20 seconds left in the period, the Penguins grabbed a loose puck and with a breakaway coming down to the net, Wiedmann came out and stopped the shot.  Nice save!

The Titans welcomed the 3rd period with a power play and Billy Regan took the opportunity again to score and even things up at 3-3.  The Penguins continued to get at the net and keep Wiedmann busy. Pat Bruno made a nice pass to Will Conte to score and get the Titans ahead early on in the 3rd to 4-3. Titans weren’t finished and Sabatini gave them one more insurance goal at 3:03.  The relentless Penguins worked hard to get one more at 48.6 but found that that wasn’t enough and the Titans win 5-4!  Shots on net for the Titans was 23 with Penguins at 28. 

The Titans had another home game the next morning against the Hatfield Ice Dogs and showed that a little rest is all they needed.  The Ice Dogs came out quick and the shots began early on Cody Reilly.  Pat Bruno working hard around the net didn’t loose sight of the puck and on a nice pass from Billy Regan put the Titans on the board 1-0 at 9:20.  Soon after, Chris Baker found a nice spot from the point and scored to give the Titans a 2-0 lead.  The Ice Dogs seemed to like to crowd the net a bit and with Reilly on one side, Brian Walsh wanted to help out cover the puck in the crease, but that move cost the Titans a penalty shot.  The Ice Dogs welcomed the shot and scored to give them their 1st goal of the game.  Penalty boxes were busy all period long on both sides but the Titans had a 2-man advantage towards the end of the 2nd.  With 17.6 left, Charlie Mills found the net to give the Titans a 3-1 lead. 

The 2nd period opened up with Pat Bruno rushing down with the puck only to have it hit the bottom of the post and sit there.  That ping was music to the Ice Dog goalie’s ears.  No goal.  With hard hitting throughout the game, Dan Maguire worked hard at the net to put it past for a 4-1 lead.  Maguire continued to work hard at the net again soon after.  What was thought to be another goal for the Titans ended up being called off.  The puck was deflected off of Billy Regan’s skate and the ref ruled it “no goal”.  At 3:53, Timmy Behan took an interference penalty and Dax Conrad proved that he could work hard on that penalty kill.  Back on even strength, the Ice Dogs came back with another goal to end the 2nd at 4-2.

The 3rd period opened up with Behan taking another penalty, but hard work by Conrad Quinn showed the Ice Dogs that the Titans could also score those short-handed goals too!  Between the 9 minute mark, the Titans scored 2 more goals by Billy Regan and Sean Mulkeen.  With 7 minutes left, Bruno takes a 4:00 penalty that puts the Ice Dogs on a power play.  With the action solely at the net, Cody Reilly was unfortunately at the bottom of a pile-up.  In noticeable pain and recognizing that he may have a possible neck injury, he was smart and strongly requested that he not be moved.  While waiting for the EMS to arrive, the game was called at 5:27 with a 7-2 score.  We’re happy to report that Reilly suffered only a neck sprain and is doing well.   That’s our “Codeman”…one tough guy!