A great sweep for the Jr C’s this past weekend. The players all worked hard and gave their talent to the ice.
     To start the weekend the Titans had Yllano Tubilleja in goal. On Saturday he faced 38 shots from Hampton Roads Whalers. The Titans sent 30 shots on goal to their opponents. In the first period the Titans scored one from Angelo Rosena assisted by Bill Gubelman. Although the Titans only scored once they were persistent in driving at the goal and placing pressure on the Whalers.
     In the second period the Whalers scored one making it a tied game at 1-1. The game seemed to flow back and forth in middle ice. Both teams were looking for their moment. The Titans came back right away and placed a goal in net pushing them once again in front. The goal was scored from Kevin Pecca making a drive to net. Ten more minutes into the period again allowed the Whalers to sink one into the net. The Game has definately proven to both teams not to turn their backs. Each team pushes hard to fall on top. At the end of the second the score is 2-2.
     Finally in the third the Titans end the back and forth play and score one. Bobby Deatrick cashes in a goal from Mark Sabatini and Mike Garbrandt. Another goal was scored from Bill Gubelman. Thus placing the score at Titans 4 and Whalers 2. A great win and boost of confidence brings the Titan players together.

     On Sunday again the two teams would face each other. The Titans wanting another win and the Whalers wanting revenge from the day before.
     One minute into the game showed that the Titans were on the way. Charlie Bregenzer drives to the net catching a pass from Matt Keane and Angelo Rosena. Bregenzer starts the Titans off with a 1-0 game. Again several back and forth plays show the two teams desires. Defensively the Titans don’t allow the Whalers in this period. Another goal was scored from Matt Zocco passed from Joey Torrisi and Cameron Bregenzer.  The 2-0 score was soon to change though.
     During the second period again the titans scored two goals. One from Angelo Rosena assisted by Matthew Keane, and the second score from Matthew Keane assisted by Angelo Rosena and Charlie Bregenzer. This line has proven to come and make a stand. A strong effort by all. In the second the Whalers finally broke through the net to score one. At the end of the second the Titans are 4- Whalers 1.
     The Titans came out in the third allowing Michael Piet to score from Ben Yuro. Great passing and confidence help the team lead the 5-1 game. This soon would change. It initially appeared that the Titans would not give the Whalers a chance. Then suddenly a rough last 6 minutes of the game changed everyone’s view. The Whalers came back to score 3 additional goals. The Titans needed to stay out of the box and again fight back. The Whalers pull their goalie to give one last effort.At the buzzer a relieved Titan team came out on top. The final score was Whalers 4- Titans 5. Great weekend by all Jr C players!