Tough weekend for the Junior C’s. We played the undefeated #1 Mass Maple Leafs who remain on top of the standings. Unfortunately we also went up there with several injuries.

 They knew they were facing a good team. The Leafs have scored 16, 20 and 13 goals against some good hockey clubs.  On Saturday at the drop of the puck the Titans realized this was going to be a tough hill to climb. The Maple leafs scored in one minute of the game. The Titans fought back but another Titan penalty led to a second score, and it was Mass 2-0.

     The Leafs again came out strong and scored 3 goals in the first 8 min of the period. The Titans still struggled to stay in the game. Several good passes were made and the Titans finally broke through. Mark Sabatini placed one in the net from Bobby Deatrick. The Titans never quit. At the end of the second the score was Mass 6-1.

     In the third the Titans came out strong to set the tempo. Bill Gubelman slammed one in from a great pass. Shortly after that again the Titans scored from Charlie Bregenzer slamming one on goal and Matt Keane picking up the rebound. Even though the Titans were on a rally it ended abruptly.   Mass scored a remaining 5 goals making the final score 11-3. In net was Mark Tannenhaus who faced a total 35 shots on goal.

     On Sunday the boys wanted to improve on Saturday’s showing.  With a good nights rest the game was on. Unfortunately the Titans stepped into a mold similar to the day before. One minute into the game Mass scored a goal. By the end of the first the Titans were down 4-0. A frustrating moment for all NJ fans.

     In the second the boys struggled back. Mike Garbrandt scored from Angelo Rosena. Also Ben Yuro from Zach Belfer. Thus making the score at the end of the second Titans 2, Mass 6.  In the third the Titans played strong. The defense kept the Leafs out of the net and challenged them unlike any time over the weekend. The Titans managed to hold Mass. to only one goal this period.  A tough weekend but ending on an up note with good Titan Spirit. Final score Mass 7- Titan 2. Again in net was Tannenhaus with 39 shots on goal as opposed to the Titan placing a 27 shots on goal.  

The 2 losses leave the Titans in 4th place in the CHA North Division, where both the Leafs 13-0 and the Jr. Penquins 11-1 have been very dominating teams.