Fri- Home game- Titans vs Metro Moose- Metro wins 6-1
juniorpredators.gifSat- Away game- Titans vs Junior Predators- Titans win 3-2
Sun- Home game- Titans vs Junior Predators- Titans win 11-2

     Titans open a busy weekend to the Metro Moose team. This seemed to be a game that all want to win and make a stand. As the period opened the Titans looked together and made several strong passes to stay in the game. Starting goal tender was Mac Tannenhaus for the Titans. In the first period he faced 11 shots on goal. The titans sent 8 shots to the Moose. Unfortunately with :39 seconds left on the first period clock the Moose found the net. The titans took a deep breath and with :01 seconds left came back to even the period. Mike Garbrandt scores from Ben Yuro.
     In the second period the Titans came out hard and found themselves a shuffle up front. There was great hustle by all on the ice. The Moose then found themselves with 2 strong breakaways and Tannenhause stopped both. The Titans went through a rally of Moose shots. The Moose managed to sneak in 2 goals placing the Titans 2 behind. Tempers heated at the end of the second and both teams stood face to face to bring on the third.
     The Titans came out in the third and found themselves in trouble. They just couldn’t make it work this evening to come up with a success. At the end of the game both teams had 35 shots on goal. The only difference was the Moose managed to break through the Titans to score 6 vs Titans 1 . A frustrated Titan group gathers together to build themselves up for the next day. 
    The Titans travel to the Junior Predators Sat., Nov 3rd. The boys seem to arrive with a different face than they left on Friday evening. They all wanted the same and they knew they needed this to recover from last night. 
     At the drop of the puck the Titans pushed the puck into the Predators zone. The Titans immediately slammed the Predators with 3 hard shots on goal. The puck went back and forth several times with both teams. The Predators managed to get a quick run up the ice to score with 4:32 on the clock. The Titans kept their composure the come back and score themselves. The two Bregenzers quickly passed the puck from one to the other to have Angelo Rosena find the net. A great team rush! Again with :45 second left Mike Garbrandt gets a pass from Ben Yuro to push the Titans ahead 3-1.
     In the second the Titans forward Mark Sabatini gets a pass from Ben Yuro to push the Titans ahead even more. The game suddenly has a heated tone to it. The Predators refused to go down easy. They come back with a goal. The remainder of the game showed tempers heating and aggressive game play. The Titans end this game with a 3-2 win. Yllano Tubilleja in goal faced 15 shots on goal. The Titans sent in 46 shots to end the game.
     On Sunday the Titans again showed up at their home rink with a sense of confidence we hadn’t seen all weekend. They were set to win with no stops in between.
     The game started with the first goal at 18:51 on the clock. Deatrick from Ben Yuro planted the seed. Charlie Bregenzer shortly after pushed the Titans ahead 2-0. The Titans closed their eyes briefly to allow the Predators to score one a short time after Bregenzer’s goal. After that the Titans did what they came for. Goals were scored by Rosena, Deatrick, Yuro, Garbrandt, Gubelman, Sabatini (2), Belfer, and Cameron Bregenzer. Assists were from Charlie Bregenzer (2), Gubelman, Keane, Rosena (2),and  Belfer (2). The game finished very heated with several confrontations. In goal today was Christopher Goletz who faced 11 shots  as opposed to the Titans sending in a strong 66 shots. The final score of the day was Titans 11- Predators 2. The weekend finished out as a success for all Titan players. Well done men!