Coach Sal’s PeeWee B team played two awesome games this weekend even though one was a 6-2 loss and the other a 4-4 tie for the team. You may ask why was Saturday’s Game awesome, well this game was about gaining back respect after falling apart last weekend against this same team, the Jackson Jackals. The game started with Pat M. scoring an awesome goal. The Jackals did respond with a goal for a 1-1 tie and this was only minutes into the game. Although the Titans went on to score another goal they could not hold onto the lead. Several more goals would be scored, but the PeeWee B team did not make that easy for the Jackals. There was strong defense played by Matt A, Don C, Adam G. and Matt C. Stellar goal tending from James A. and Aiden A. There also was outstanding offense from Pat M, Eric D., Nick F., Chris F., Eric A., Doug F. Christian N. and Frank K.. The Jackson Jackals may have won the game but more importantly the Titan PeeWee B team won their respect.

Sunday’s game against the Kodiak Bears was a continuation of a great weekend of hockey for the PeeWee B team. The PeeWee B team again came out on fire ready to battle their opponents and it paid off in a 4-4 tie. It was an exciting game with heavy checking from both sides and 4 awesome goals. Adam G had his first goal of the season and what a goal it was weaving between 3 different players to score. Both the defensive and offensive players made Coach Sal proud by orchestrating some of the plays learned during practices. Hats off to you Coach and to the team. Perseverance and desire is what we saw this weekend on the ice from the PeeWee B team, and that spells “RESPECT.”

 Joanne Carbotti