A very determined Jr C team came out to win two this weekend. They started their mission on Sat. with a non-league game vs. the Philadelphia Patriots. The Titans hit the ice and had one focus. That was to win and win with finesse. At the end of the first period the Titans pushed forward with a 4-1 lead. Ben Yuro sparked the Titans with assists from Garret Christie and Angelo Rosena. Shortly after, Bobby Deatrick found the net with assists from Zach Belfer and Chris Swan. Charlie Bregenzer found himself in the first period with one goal and one assist. Matthew Keane also planted a goal with 2 minutes remaining in the period. The Titans never looked back from this point.


     They entered the ice in the second period with a surprise eye opener. The Patriots scored two quick goals making the score 4-3. The Titans came with one purpose and that was to win. With a 4-3 game all the Titans stepped up their performance. A young Cameron Bregenzer played strong defense to push the puck up into the zone. Again Ben Yuro stepped up to lead the Titans into victory. Ben scored his second goal of the game assisted by Mark Sabitini. The second period ended with 2 additional goals from Joey Torrisi and Chris Swan. Charlie Bregenzer also added to his day 2 additional assists.


     As the third period rolled around it was evident the Titans were working as a complete unit. One additional goal was scored by Angelo Rosena. This completed a well traveled Saturday with an 8-3 final score. Yllano Tubilleja faced 24 shots and the Patriots faced a battling 48 shots on goal.


 As Sunday rolled around the Jr C team stood tall and full of confidence. The NJ Titans were home facing again the same Patriots. Christopher Goletz guarded the net for the Titans today.


     Charlie Bregenzer led the Titans with the first goal of the day assisted by Matthew Keane. The Titans didn’t miss a beat and pushed toward the goal with force and determination. Additional goals in the first were from Ben Yuro and Mark Sabitini. It seemed the Titans only grew in strength as the game went on. The defense worked well feeding the forwards, who seemed to show no mercy.


     In the second period Bregenzer came out strong and stormed the net. He gave the Titans an additional score and one more assist. Bobby Deatrick and Joe Torrisi followed the lead and moved the score to a whopping 6-0.


     A tired and frustrated Patriot team came out in the third to score on the Titans. The game heated up quickly while several penalties occurred as the result of both teams wanting to win. Zach Belfer scored one more from Bregenzer completing the weekend. Sunday’s final score ended at powerful 7-2 Titans. Chris Goletz faced 26 shots on goal. The Patriots faced 44 shots. A great weekend for all Jr C players!