Sometimes victory is how you think about the game.

Coach Haviland’s 95A PW team is having a very good season, winning the majority of their games against top NJYHL and DVHL A teams.

This past weekend, the team tried a little experiment by playing the Avs AA squad, one of the best at that level.

The game was not close, and the boys were impressed by the precision and the continuity of the Avs, who played at a higher level than the best teams they had seen at Silver Sticks.

The game was a blowout. The Avs opened the floodgates in the 3rd and had a 10-0 lead. The two young refs, thinking it was a league game called ‘mercy’ without asking both benches. The Avs bench cleared, they lined up for the post-game handshake, but our boys wanted to finish the contest despite the score.

So the Avs went back to the bench, and the puck dropped. This time it was the Titans who won. The score was 1-0 for the “last few miles” of the game, and a team that could have walked away feeling down, left the ice as winners of the end of the scrimmage against top competition.

Wins are fun, development and raising your competitive level is the better satisfaction. Good job boys!