myhockey_logo.png does a great job ranking youth teams from all over the country.  Its focus is on over 3000 T1 and T2 AA level teams.  It has a ‘Hockey Nerd’ open mathematical formula for deriving ratings between clubs using strength of schedule, records, and goal differential to come up with a “relative strength” rating for each team .  The score it creates helps a ranked team estimate how competitve another opponent will be. Thus, a better team could lose most of their games but rank higher than a .500 team with a softer schedule.  For example, the AAATitan 95 PW Major team is rated 27th in the nation. Part of that rating is because they beat #16, the Pitt.Junior Penguins, and their loss to West Seneca actually helped boost their ratings as WS was #5 in the nation at the time of their game.  The ratings will jump around early in the season with each weekend’s results, posted on Wednesdays.

Stay tuned, several of our Titan teams have a chance to make a national statement. The rankings higher levels often include Atlantic Youth League opponents like the Rockets, Avalanche, LI, and Mid Fairfield Ct. and each win against these top tier programs will improve the rankings.