The Titan Squirt Bs are growing as a team. Many of the kids are playing their first travel hockey, and so the scoreboard is not always the best way to measure progress.

This weekend saw some great individual development on Coach Kelly’s squad. Laura Hoffman reports that Chris Lamb played extraordinarily well throughout the weekend – strong in both offensive and defensive zones as well as good team play. Zack Turcotte (great hockey name) scored his first goal as a Jr. Titan. Way to go Zack!!

The entire Squirt B Team showed tremendous character after getting beat on Sat 7 – 1 to come back to play Montgomery (one of the top T2 programs in Maryland) to a very competitive 3 – 1 game!

It was a pleasure a few weekends back to watch the celebration as this team bested Toms River at home, with strong efforts by Squirt Veterans Wesley White and Cole Wagner.

Keep playing and practicing hard Squirts, there’s a lot more great hockey to come!